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Unfortunately we had a flood elsewhere in the house (kitchen into walkout basement).    The studio was completely unaffected BUT we aren't spending much time in the house while it is repaired and the usual creative space doesn't feel so creative at the moment.   We look forward to being back by Thanksgiving and planning on a very creative and productive 2020+!

Thank you for your patience.



Very pleased to have worked with Abigail on this "Should've Stayed Home".   It's quite haunting.   It's also purposely minimalistic in the production.   Abigail had a clear vision for how she wanted it to sound.

Very psyched about an upcoming release we just finished up.  Abigail is an amazing singer/songwriter who has been cranking out some great songs.  Her vocals and guitar work are fantastic.  She will go far!  Stay tuned!

Once again, Marie and I made the trip to Orange County and spent a couple of days meeting with vendors and spending time with old and new friends.   While this isn't a 'purchase' year, I always like to keep up on the new stuff and, more importantly, spend some time with key partners like SSL and Avid.  

A new artist I'm working with was there as part of NAMM Generation Next.   She is a great singer, songwriter and likely has a great career in music ahead of her.   I'm very excited to be producing several tracks with her and am hopeful there will be many more ahead.

Even though it isn't even October yet, we've already got our plans locked in for the annual pilgrimage to NAMM.   Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.    No major equipment upgrades planned BUT always like to see what's new and to stay in touch with the state of the art!

I finally managed to get the first track from my project Soul Rash out the door.   Chris Smith wrote it, he and I played on it, I produced and engineered it and we pulled in some friends to sing and play drums.     Please check it out on all of the usual outlets.   


We're making progress on finishing up one of Chris Smith's songs.  It's something he wrote years ago that we've resurrected and given our own sound.  The track is sounding really good.  Drums, Guitars, Organ/Clavinet, Lead vocals are done.  

I hope all of my US friends had a nice July 4th celebration.

Just had Boulder-based Overt Defiance in recording a live demo.   Very talented group of kids (all younger than 17).   There is hope!

The GIK Acoustics products are now installed in both the control room and the recording room.   I can already feel the difference and am, so far, pleased with the investment.   I feel like the rooms have tightened up in a good way (particularly the bottom end).   I have a  vocal recording session tonight and need to log more hours in the room to be sure BUT at least the hard work is out of the way.


I just spent an amazing weekend at Capitol Studios in Hollywood as an attendee of a recording/mixing workshop with some legendary engineers & producers.   My subgroup of me+6 colleagues was ideal as we've all worked or currently work in the music industry and weren't there to learn the basics (or even the advanced stuff).  It was more about sitting with these legends, having a dialog with them and each other and validating many many things from my own work flow.  Great stuff.   Very inspiring.  Thank you Metalliance!

I've decided to greatly upgrade the acoustics in my control room.  After careful consultation, meetings at NAMM, and deliberation, I've worked with GIK Acoustics on the design and have locked in an order.   By mid March, the control room will be MUCH better from an acoustics standpoint.   The room has always been treated, but now I'm taking a big leap in getting it to sound as true as possible.  These guys at GIK have been great.  Their design advice is fantastic and being able to meet the owner at NAMM and check out their products makes a big difference.

I don't know who to credit for this graphic, but it is spot on!  I love it and thank you to whoever created it!

Here's how I see things working going forward.  I'm interested in feedback on these thoughts and certainly any quality artists that fit this model.

Goal - Produce a high quality artistic recording of between 3 to 10 songs for a gigging band or singer/songwriter.

What's in it for the band/artist? Work with an experienced Producer/Engineer and end up with CDs or audio files to sell at gigs and/or stream/download online without having to pull out your own cash.

What's in it for the Producer/Engineer?  Receive fair compensation for time and facility, sufficient funding for recording, mixing, mastering (at separate facility), and CD duplication (via 3rd party where requested) while putting more high quality musical product on the street and adding to my repertoire/catalog.

How? - Using crowdsourcing websites (i.e. Kickstarter, Gofundme), band/artist drives their own campaign to raise money for the above by offering completed CD/downloads and various low cost premiums along the way for different levels of investment.  Utilize social media, publicize at gigs, tap into your existing fanbase anyway you can to raise the agreed upon minimum amount to drive the production.   Use creative premiums to attract higher contributions:

$15 for just the CD

$25 for a signed CD

$30 for a signed CD and a copy of your old CD that you have leftover

$50 for a signed CD and name in liner notes

$500 all of the above, plus include a gig at a party for contributor

I'm making up the dollar amounts and the premiums, but you get the idea.   I've seen these work and have contributed to several.  

Nobody should ever work for free or for 'the exposure', but I believe the model above is sustainable for a certain segment of bands/artists.


Rules for the bands/artists (not too many BUT this is a BUSINESS):

Must be self motivated and drive fundraising campaigns on their own.  You spend enough time probably on Facebook, SnapChat, etc. - put it to use for something that is actually productive.

Must be a gigging band/artist with at least the beginnings of a fan base.

High quality musicians (pro or semi pro) and good musical material of any style (within reason) with the ability to perform

Be respectful of time.  It is not unlimited but we will make it all work within reason IF you do your part (show up on time, keep commitments, etc).

No drugs/alcohol in or around the studio ever


I'd be interested in feedback and/or hearing from bands/artist if you like the model.


Another great trip to winter NAMM.   We just returned and enjoyed seeing old friends and building new relationships with key vendors.   The SSL and Antelope guys were great to work with and show strong support to us.   Looking forward to an upcoming workshop at Capitol Studios in March!

2018 is shaping up to be a good year.   The Wendy Clark Band is in the final stages of recording.   We're looking forward to the annual pilgrimage known as Winter NAMM and look forward to connecting with old friends and making new ones.

Happy to report that I have two bands I'm now working with in the newly renovated studio.  The Wendy Clark Band is from Denver, CO and we're almost done tracking all songs.   My old friend from NY, Chris Coward, is the bass player and made the whole thing happen.   Wild Faith is a Boulder-based band and we are also almost done with all tracking.  Another old friend from NY brokered this relationship with Wild Faith.   Both bands are full of talent and have been a pleasure to work with.  

I'm still working through and calibrating changes to my work flow with the new setup.   Everything is working VERY well and sounding VERY good.  The SSL Matrix2 is the centerpiece to the new studio and really is providing me with all of the options I've always imagined having.

I've staged the new gear and have made decisions on new furniture for the control room.  I hope to have it all up and running by mid April.  So far, I'm really liking the choices I made and look forward to creating a lot of music throughout the next decade and beyond.

Well, the bulk of the new gear has arrived and I'm staging it all in a separate room as I have a recording and mix project underway for my company in my main control room. I've assembled a completely stand-alone system that doesn't interrupt anything in the current control room. Once that project is completed, I will move the existing gear out of the control room and move the new gear in. In the meantime, I'm building a customized piece of furniture for the new console. Targeting mid April for everything to be up and running. Bring on the projects!
I finally figured out the way forward for the studio from a technical perspective. With the help of what we looked at and demoed while we were at NAMM, plus help from my retailer, and help from one of the manufacturers directly, the upgrade project is under way. I'll keep the rest under wraps for now, but will share more in the coming months for anyone interested.
Marie and I enjoyed NAMM as usual and I made it around to see MOST of the things I wanted to. There are a couple of exceptions which just causes more work for me know trying to get to additional product details and get questions answered. With any luck, I'll be updating the control room and I'm pretty excited about the possibilities. It will truly remain a 'hybrid' studio environment blending together my cherished outboard gear with the latest and greatest in the DAW. Really looking to get back to tracking and mixing more with the option to do it the old way, the new way or a cool combination of both worlds. Stay tuned!
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here we go again! Looking forward to seeing old friends at NAMM next week. Also looking to update two major facets of my studio so, this year, NAMM will mean some serious decision making and purchasing of new gear from my retailer afterwards!
Several projects under way after my back surgery this year. Working with a couple of new artists as well as some old friends and my company band, Kings of the Phone Age.
Just wrapped up production for my friend Sandi Siegel. I engineered it and played some keys too. Always fun to record harmonium, tabla, finger cymbals, vocals and guitar.
Finally think my writers block may be gone. Recording some new ideas to see what sticks. Collaborating with friend Chris Smith.
Played a cool gig with my company band. Iconic venue.
I'm finally up and running and did some tracking the other day. Things are sounding great. A combination of careful planning (10%) and a lot of luck (90%) and the rooms sound really good. Better than any of my previous spaces.
The new room is nearing completion. Hope to be completely back online by November 1!
Beginning studio construction in September after I return from the Fortune Battle of the Corporate Bands.
Headed to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum to perform as one of 8 finalist bands in the competition.
Fun project with my work friends. Made it through to the regional playoffs. 16 bands remaining. 8 will come out of the regionals and will play in Cleveland at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Sept.
Some interesting projects under way. 2014 is looking to be a more musical year than 2013. Looking forward to that! No more details for now.
Managed to do a couple of cool private music projects this year. One of my goals is to do more in 2014 of course. Looking forward to Winter NAMM in January as always.
We're finally settled into our new home in the Boulder, CO area. The project studio is up and running and I'm taking on a very limited number of projects.
It's been a LOOONG time since my last post. The THQ video game work wrapper up in August 2011 and all has been quiet since then. Getting ready for a big move in 2012. More details on that at a later date. Have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012. Jim
THQ has blocked out both rooms to produce all of the audio elements for their next video game title to be released in 2011.
Jim Cobb was in producing an engineering a new EP for Days of Reason.
Voice over session for Family Services of Westchester Vocal session for Artist Michael Weinstein and Producer Mark Alexander Mixing and Co-Producing 11 songs for Artist TJay
I'm working with a new artist named TJay. He's a very talented singer/songwriter/guitarist. I'm co-producing and engineering his new record and I'm very excited about how well things are going. We have already tracked three songs and with get another 3 or 4 done in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more updates.
Wishing all of my friends and clients a happy, healthy and prosperous 2009!
Wishing my existing and future clients a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a healthy and prosperous 2009. See you in 2009.
I'm getting ready to sign up a new artist for a recording we will begin after Christmas. More information to follow soon.
I'm adding new content every day for the next few days. Please check out the various sections to view press articles, link to projects produced here, link to the iTunes store to preview or purchase music produced here, etc.
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