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EoQ Updates

Things have been busy and I'm happy to say everything is sounding great. Maybe it's in my head, but everything feels and sounds better and different in a great way!

Artist and friend, Laurie Larson was in town tracking new songs for her upcoming release, 'Petals from July'. Laurie has a unique style and a clear vision on what she wants to hear. I'm helping with production and some keyboards. Chris is helping with some guitar work too. Somehow, Lee Sklar is playing bass on three tracks and has already sent me two of them. I didn't see that coming!

Chris and I officially started the new record for Soul Rash!! It will be called Trilogy and we are off to a good start. Chris wrote some great stuff as a starting point and we will collaborate and do our thing! This started one year (almost to the day) after we started recording Legacy. I'm talking to the guys about our production plans and hope to have more to announce sometime soon. We're always looking for ways to surpass what we've done before and I have some ideas on how to get there! Stay tuned!

Until we build our Wyoming space, this is the control room workspace I'm working with. I'm so impatient and wish I could just hit a button and everything is complete! Until then...........

Somehow NAMM is upon us again and I look forward to seeing friends and vendors two weeks from today in (hopefully) sunny Anaheim. I'll update again after that!

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