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Getting ready for a big 2024 (and a sneak peak at the studio build)

Marie and I hope you're all enjoying the holidays. We are for sure and are thankful we were able to celebrate with our kids and their significant others who are now really part of our family. We also managed to visit New York briefly to see our family and spend some time with them.

The bad news is that I am in my fifth week of fighting an ear infection that has tortured me with impaired hearing and head cold symptoms. I'm getting good care from both Marie and the ENT, but it really is torture for someone that uses their ears to critically listen!

The good news is that we've made HUGE progress on the new home and studio. Marie and I were able to walk through the structures for the first time just before Christmas and it was a thrill for us to see it all coming to life. So far, it is everything we've hoped for and more!

Here's your first look at Timber Canyon Studios (fka 5450' Studios)! That building on the right is dedicated to the studio and recording a lot of new music starting next year at this time! (hint to all existing and future clients - let's talk about planning your next project)

We attached the studio building to the house by a corridor so that, 12 months a year, it's comfortable to move between the two. The design work for the interior of the studio is moving along nicely with Sam Berkow and his team at SIA Acoustics and we're very close to having it all dialed in from a design standpoint.

Here's your first sneak peak at the interior of the studio structure. As you can see, it is a generous space and features a 700+ sq ft live room, control room, iso room and lounge. All have soaring ceilings and will provide a beautiful sounding inspirational space. There are views in every direction with plenty of natural light. I plan to share progress pictures on this blog for those of you interested in seeing the studio construction.

Marie and I will be headed to NAMM in late January to see old and new friends and to meet with several vendors that are providing services or materials for the studio build. I'll update again once we return with the next set of pictures and stories! - Jim

PS - should the last day of this year be known as Waltz Day? 1 2 3 1 2 3

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