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It's a Wrap (almost)!

I am so excited that my brother Brett was able to head West to record the last of the tracks on the upcoming Soul Rash release "Legacy". We had just worked together at Carriage House Studios in Connecticut a little over a month ago, so we were able to jump right back in and get it done at my Colorado studio.

He, once again, did a great job and made quick work of the remaining tracks. He really makes my job easy because he plays so well and the sounds are just there for me to screw up. I did my best to not screw it up! We're tracking a few last things this week and I've already started mixing some of the songs. We're hoping to be ready for mastering in a week or so. This is a special record and we can't wait to put it out into the universe! Once it is uploaded to our distributor, I plan to reconfigure the studio to utilize more of the space we have as a preparation for our eventual move to Wyoming. It's still a couple of years out, but I want to configure things now so that, by the time we move the studio, the workflow will be perfectly worked out and exactly as I want it. This is a massive reconfiguration and is already giving me anxiety BUT it is the right move and will make much better use of the space I have between now and the move. I hope to be ready to experimentally track and have already mentioned this opportunity to a few of my local clients to help me work the bumps out of the new workflow. Until then, stay tuned for more on the Soul Rash release and updates from the studio!

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