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A mic inventory that lead to a personal inventory......

I recently re-organized my microphone cabinet. From time to time, it gets cluttered in there as I keep the mics themselves in their boxes but also shock mounts, direct boxes, mic cables, power strips and other miscellaneous items that are frequently needed during a tracking session. I decided to snap the picture above to add it to the studio website because 1) I thought it looked cool 2) it shows a rather diverse collection of old and new microphones 3) it shows various microphone technologies from solid state to vacuum tube (or valve if you prefer) and from ribbon, to condenser to dynamic mic types.

It was #4 that I wasn't counting on. As I was putting them all away in the cabinet after taking the picture, I was thinking about 40+ years ago when I could only dream of having such a collection of microphones (let alone all of the other gear I have). I never could have imagined owning them. I always imagined working in and for a large recording studio (when there was still a music industry with budgets and artist development) but not necessarily owning it all. It made me feel thankful and got me really looking inward. I'm thankful for my parents (Dad RIP) for always supporting my creativity, Marie for understanding my vision and supporting it for 30+ years, my children for their appreciation of music and the many records I've helped make over the years, my very close friends who are really much more like the family I mention above, and all of my friends both online and in real life. Thank you.

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