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NAMM 2022 - wrap up!

NAMM 2022 was a lot of fun and I'm glad I got to hang with my friends while experiencing what was a strange experience in some ways. There were half of the usual exhibitors and half the people. It just took a little getting used to for those of us that have been going for 20+ years. What was great about it was the ability to check out and get a private demo on a new mixing console I'm considering for a larger studio build. I've always had nice spaces to record in, but have always wanted a bigger recording room to accommodate ensembles, bands as well as a larger control room. The three of us checked out a couple of really cool Dolby Atmos demos. One was with the Dynaudio people and we heard some cool Elton John mixes mixed for Atmos and spoke with the guy that mixed them, Greg Penny. We also sat in a Tesla Model X that Dolby Labs had modified for Atmos. That was pretty cool too.

Here's a shot of Dom and I getting a personal demo on the SSL Origin console that I'm considering. Fadi Hayek from SSL was generous with his time and I was able to get fully familiar with the brilliantly executed design of this thing.

The obligatory shot of the 3 of us standing near the north hall at the Anaheim Convention Center.

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