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Almost feels normal.......

I was lucky enough to attend (in person) the first Colorado listening session for the NARAS Producers & Engineers wing since the pandemic began. I've been a member for 25 years and have belonged to the NY chapter, the LA chapter and now, finally the SF chapter (which covers the mountain west in addition to the SF Bay Area). A great group of people, many of which I only got to know virtually via several Zoom-based get togethers while we were all stuck at home. It was good to actually see people, interact and collaborate like we've always done. It almost felt normal which was nice.

The event was hosted at Wind Over the Earth and Ally Sound. It's a very nice facility with a beautiful live room, sizable control room and plenty of toys and instruments. Here's a pic of the live room which has wall panels on half of the walls that can convert from reflective to absorptive (not unlike Capitol A). The listening session was great and featured a wide range of styles and sounds. The track I brought would definitely benefit from mastering and some overall mix shape correction but otherwise hung in there pretty well. Mine was the most dense instrumentation so it was hard to compare it to other songs I heard.

It was great to get out and meet some of the local talented engineers, students, producers and artists. Thankfully, Stephanie from NARAS SF chapter was able to grab this pic for us.

I'm already looking forward to the next one!

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