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Is it a moon base? Is it Mars? Psyched out of my mind!

This is an exciting update for Marie & I. We hit a key milestone in the next chapter of our adventure. Excavation is complete and the foundation is just about fully built which means framing isn't too far behind!!

In this picture you will see what looks, perhaps, like a base on the moon or Mars. In reality that is the entire footprint of our new house and studio. You have to look closely to understand the scale but I will point your attention to the John Deere excavator in yellow, our Jeep pickup in white and Marie and I standing next to the pickup. The large rectangle on the right is the studio building and is 50'x42'. I took this shot with my quadcopter (drone) from about 250 feet above looking straight down. It's hard to comprehend the scale even when standing there, but I wanted to share it as the starting point of the journey for those interested.

Equally as exciting, we have just contracted with none other than Sam Berkow of SIA Acoustics to design and spec the studio rooms. I am particularly psyched (psyched out of my mind for you 'Elf' movie fans) about Sam being on board with this project as I know the rooms will be superb and will complete my vision on building a 'destination studio' from which to make some great records with my clients (hopefully with some of you reading this!). Please feel free to spread the word!

This picture captures some of what I'm trying to deliver to the creative process. Every window in every direction will deliver this type of view and environment. Hopefully you can see what I see and will feel what I feel when I'm there. To me, it's perfect inspiration for creativity and the production process. I hope you will agree (at least eventually). For those of you wondering, this is just north of Laramie, Wyoming. A twelve minute drive to the University of Wyoming, the old Wild West downtown with tons of restaurants and saloons, and a two hour drive from the Denver metropolitan area and airport.

I'll be sharing progress on this blog for those of you interested in following along on both the house and the studio build. I mentioned previously that I will be re-branding from 5450' to Timber Canyon Studios so keep an eye out for that at some point in early 2024. It will better capture what this new space is all about.

Until next time! - Jim

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Unknown member
Nov 08, 2023

Congrats, Jim! This is great news. ¡Larga vida a Timber Canyon Studios!

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