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July Update from Wyoming!

I'm sorry for the long delay since the last post (as if anyone is actually reading these and anticipating the next post!!).

We're happy to report that we are 100% safely moved into the house and all of the studio gear arrived intact!

We are awaiting the HVAC contractor to start the job in the studio building. Also the three auxilliary rooms will be completed at the same time. We're hopeful all of that work is completed in the next 60 days. Exciting times and MUCH easier now that we are living on the property and have all of our possessions in one place.

We've been living here for just over two weeks and absolutely love the location and the way the house turned out. It sort of feels like we're living in someone else's really nice AirBnB on vacation or something.

Starlink is our internet provider. I have to say how absolutely stunned I am at how well it works. Low latency and plenty of bandwidth to do the things we normally do. Really a fantastic service. Especially in rural locations where options are slim. Really next-gen satellite technology.

There's always something going on in Laramie. Some kind of event or get together. We're just scratching the surface, but there is a lot going on. I realize there will be some times of the year when that's not the case (I assume), but it really is quite nice and has a small town feel.

This is what our evenings look like so far!

That's all for now. I'll update in a couple of weeks. - Jim

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So very happy for you guys! Fantastic views and so much to look forward to! Get ready to rock and roll! XO



Thanks for the update and congrats on the new home and studio!

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