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Updated: Apr 8, 2022

In addition to a TON of radio promotion (terrestrial, satellite and online) for the Soul Rash inaugural release, Covid Sessions, we also kicked off a project for Denver-based band, Tonic & Time.

Tonic & Time (above)

You can see 75% of T&T here in the control room doing some guitar overdubs. We had a blast and ran a marathon session to get all of the tracking done for their debut 3 song EP. We used the Kemper Profiler for the guitar tones which was a huge time saver which let us concentrate on the performances.


I now have almost 1800 square feet in which to work. In addition to the existing control room and recording room, I now have a large open space which is more suitable for recording ensembles/bands. We also put a fresh coat of paint on everything and redecorated the whole space.

The sophomore effort of Soul Rash begins!

We officially kicked off the writing and recording of the next Soul Rash release in parallel with the promotion of Covid Sessions. This next one is called "Legacy". We've already got a couple of demos done and the collaboration between singer/songwriter Billy McKee in Rochester, NY and writer/guitarist Chris Smith here in CO has begun. Looking forward to pulling in Chris Rybitski here in CO on bass and hopefully a special surprise on drums. Stay tuned.

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