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Progress! And a cool upcoming trip to Nashville

The new control room is really coming along and most of the functionality is up and running. Still some more to do and should be ready to track starting in March (I'm talking to all of my clients out there!). I'm taking my time and really thinking through the workflow to get things right. I view this as staging for the eventual move to the Wyoming space (2025?). Getting everything dialed in the way I want it between now and then will save a lot of time in the future.

This weekend I am attending my second workshop from METalliance. Last time I attended was at Capitol Studios in Hollywood and it was quite a great experience. This time, it's at Blackbird Studios in Nashville and I can't wait to check it out. It's owned by John McBride and his country music superstar wife, Martina. Unfortunately two of the mentors from Capitol are no longer with us (RIP Al Schmitt and Ed Cherney). Sylvia Massy (whom I've met a couple of times at NAMM), Niko Bolas and Jimmy Douglas are now METalliance mentors and will be in attendance along with the rest of the guys. I can't wait to check out those rooms at Blackbird and to hang with old friends and new. I especially can't wait to do some Atmos listening in Studio C!! This should be interesting. Stay tuned for pics and more updates from Blackbird!

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