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Self-inflicted summer evaporation

Somehow it's September. Somehow we packed, moved and sold our house. Somehow we've moved ourselves and the studio into a temporary home while our build in Wyoming commences. Somehow we did all this while still managing to travel to NY, FL and MA for various personal and business commitments. Wasn't it just May?

When Marie and I set our minds to getting something done, we get it done. Thankfully, I was able to wrap up projects for Laurie Larson and Fiak & Friends. I also started a new project for Wild Faith, another track for Fiak & Friends and we kicked off the third album for Soul Rash.

To the left: One of the last sessions before I had to tear everything apart. The thing that made it bearable was the incredible playing from my buddy Chris Rybitski seen here tracking the bass part for the soon-to-be-released Fiak & Friends cover of Govt Mule's Beautifully Broken. What a great musician. It will be released soon and available in all of the usual places.

I was dreading having to decommission the entire studio (especially the SSL console I commissioned back in January!). Thankfully, everything went well and I've got a minimum viable studio setup in the temporary space suitable for editing, mixing and tracking direct instruments.

I can't begin to tell you how much anxiety moving the console caused me. BUT, as you can see to the left, it was safe and sound in the truck and I have much less anxiety about moving it yet again into its ultimate destination (more on that later and in subsequent blog posts).

I am not yet at 100% functionality in the new space, but should be in the next couple of weeks. It's a sacrifice, but will be totally worth it once we get everything to the new space.


The Wyoming construction will be commencing soon. The music projects will all continue to move forward. This time next year I'll be asking the artists and bands out there to make your next record with me at a beautiful destination studio in WY. Get out of the city, get away from the noise and come make a record the way things used to be done when the classics we all love were made.

Until then, I'll provide updates along the way. I'll be changing the studio name. While I've been operating as 5450' Studios (given that the place we just sold was at 5450' above sea level), the new facility will be called Timber Canyon Studios (and it's at 7220' above sea level but I'll be retiring that theme!). It will be my private production studio that I will use to collaborate with my various clients old and new. A well equipped and acoustically desirable space to document your songs and ideas.

That's all for now! - Jim

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