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The Most Terrifying and Exciting Time - All at Once

Marie (my wife of 32 years if you don't already know her) and I are launching on our latest adventure. We are downsizing our Colorado home and building a new home and studio in Wyoming! This has been years in the making and, now that we are empty nesters and our 'kids' are doing well, it is time to prioritize this for us.

It is absolutely terrifying to market this house. The place we've made home for the last 9+ years. So many moving parts and such a weird macro-economic condition with various headwinds and a few tail winds all in play at once. To distract us from this initial window of time, we are taking our Jeep and roadtripping through Grand Tetons National Park, Yellowstone National Park with additional stops in Jackson, WY, Bozeman, MT, Cody, WY and Casper, WY. We are hopeful that during this time our real estate representatives get a deal done!

As we prepared the house for sale, many of you know that I've used one whole level of the house to stage the new Wyoming studio from an equipment standpoint. Make sure everything works exactly as I want, manage and optimize the new workflow, patch bays, signal flow etc. That mission has been accomplished! It really is the best sounding arrangement I've had since I started doing this in the 1980s (earlier in some ways). For the house showings/open houses, my gear is there for all to see with various signage and surveillance (which we are announcing in that area). The mic locker is, well, locked and other smaller things are secured. This is a leap of faith (and peace of mind with the insurance coverage I purchase every year for the studio!).

In the midst of all this, I'm trying to wrap up the Laurie Larson project that I mentioned previously. Somehow she's managed to bring in Lee Sklar on bass and Tim Gehrt on drums for some of the songs. Add my partner in crime, Chris (from Soul Rash) on some of the guitars and me on keys plus a couple of other guests and Laurie herself, and we've got a studio band for this record. I've got a couple more days to finish it up and I think I will hit the mark. I had to turn down a live gig with the wonderful FiaNyxx who I've played several live gigs with around Denver over the last few years (thanks to my other partner in crime for these gigs - the other Chris from Soul Rash). Too many moving parts during May and June to commit to that gig. I've missed meeting with a couple of my Denver-area clients that I've been in touch with trying to get them in the studio before I have to move the main gear. I think I failed there but I'm hopeful that I can convince enough of my existing plus new clients to make destination records, come to WY for a few days/week and make their music the right way. I'm looking forward to that. I hope some of you are too.

Here's a picture from our actual real estate listing. I stripped everything else away and left the bare essentials. Some prospective buyers will likely be annoyed by it, others may think it's a cool creative space. Time will tell!

A closer look but not one of the 'official' listing pics.

See you in July!


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