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Thoughts on Pi (Pie) Day (mmmm....pie)

Just a quick update on a few things. Marie and I spent some time in Florida recently which was great. Lots of work but a nice change of scenery as usual. Marie stayed an extra week while I had to go to Boston for work. I froze my butt off even though it wasn't THAT cold. The commissioning of the new control room is still a work in progress but I now have some tracking sessions in the calendar so that will force me to get more done more quickly.

Definitely thankful for my Recording Academy local chapter (San Francisco - which cover NoCal and the Mountain West). We just had a chapter meeting and have another Producer & Engineer meeting this week. The feel of community is greatly improving and I know I've found the right chapter after having been in both the NY and LA chapters. We've even got a casual get together scheduled for early April.

My band's release "Legacy" is chugging along and streaming everywhere. Some nice reviews and airplay. Searching every day for sync possibilities and routinely submit music from our catalog to various music supervisors.

We also received our merchandise and have a limited number of CDs and shirts for sale if anyone is interested. We mostly made them for promotional purposes but know that sometimes people want to 'own' the music (or the shirt!) instead of streaming on a subscription service.

NAMM is somehow upon us once again and I look forward to spending one day there and NOT spending any money!

Stay tuned for updates.

Control room update pic below!

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